A and B Precision Metals, Inc 

13715 Mt. Anderson Street ▪ Reno, Nevada 89506
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A&B Precision Metals is a full service precision sheet metal fabrication facility.  We specialize in:

  • Automated CNC Punching

  • Laser-cutting

  • CNC Press Brake Forming

  • Welding, Spot Welding, Stud Welding

  • Turnkey Assembly

  • Machining & Stamping

  • Automated Powder Coating

Privately owned and operated since 1970, A & B Precision Metals is headquartered in Reno, Nevada and has over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing floor. 

Our expertise is specialized in supporting our customers through a complete product life-cycle by providing Solid-Model engineering assistance, Prototype, Pilot run and Production.  Our wide range of experience has given us the understanding that all customer requirements differ and our years of commitment to meeting customer requirements have successfully established A& B Precision Metals as a reputable supplier.

 We are certified in the ISO 9001:2015 Compliant Quality Management System, and apply these principles to service the needs of our customers.  We also have the expertise to work  with  specifications regarding Kanban and Just-in-time.  This flexibility demonstrates our motto:

"Service is our business, Precision is our name"

A&B Precision Metals is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 Certified


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