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Powder Coat Paint Facility

A&B Precision Metals, Inc offers a fully automated state of the art, Powder Coating Facility in order to provide complete one-stop production capability.  Our Powder Coating system is eco-friendly with 430 feet of conveyorized line, a 10-stage multi-metal pretreatment system, 2 coat in-line capabilities, utilizing 6 automatic and 4 manual quick color change guns.  Our unique ability to simultaneously combine high volume output with color variety provides cost savings as well as superior quality products!

Our Powder Coating Facility has many advantageous features:

 •  10 Stage multi-metal pretreatment system for maximum substrate adhesion
 •  Dry off ovens
 •  Pre-cure
 •  Simultaneous color variety application
 •  Full cure
 •  ASTM cross hatch adhesion testing
 •  Color chip match
 •  Mill thickness verification

To find out more about the available comprehensive powder coat-paint options, email our sales team.



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