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Quality Policy

• A&B Precision Metals, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with quality products at a  competitive price, which together with excellent customer service and support will assist them in maximizing their profitability.

• A&B Precision Metals, Inc strives to provide products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customers'  expectations and specifications.

• A&B Precision Metals, Inc.'s Quality Management System is designed to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through close communication and partnership with our customers, suppliers, and all internal functions.

• A&B Precision Metals, Inc. is actively engaged in the pursuit to achieve compliance with all applicable statutory, regulatory and customer requirements for the jurisdictions that we serve.

• A&B Precision Metals, Inc. shall establish, measure, review and drive continual improvement for the key products and processes.

• A&B Precision Metals, Inc.'s Quality Policy is reviewed regularly to ensure alignment with our customer expectations.

• A&B Precision Metals, Inc.'s Management Team strives to ensure that each employee understands how their individual role contributes to customer satisfaction and company profitability.

• A&B Precision Metals, Inc. emphasizes and provides the tools and resources needed for all employees to be proactive in the continual improvement of our Quality System.


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